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  • Josje Kuenen

Unique: first-ever BILINGUAL Chinese/Dutch novel

We are happy to be publishing February 2017 a fascinating novel by a Yao Zhongbin, a young Chinese author. The story tells about the feelings of a young Chinese who travels illegally to Europe and experiences affection and hardships in Paris. This will be a bilingual edition, featuring the original Chinese text and the Dutch translation on facing pages. Marion Krings and Baldy Tjia collaborated on the translation.

This bilingual edition will be the first-ever on the Dutch market. Hence, it will provide a great asset for those studying either Chinese or Dutch, since it will also include exhaustive vocabulary lists.

Yao Zhongbin will come to the Netherlands for the book presentation in early February 2017.

Please contact us if you would like to attend one of the events to be organized for this presentation.

On the picture: Yao Zhongbin and Marion Krings in Shanghai, July 2016.

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